1. virtueless, unrighteous, godless, impious, ungodly; immoral, amoral, nonmoral, unmoral, unprincipled, reprobate; corrupt, depraved, perverted, profligate, dissolute, libertine, abandoned, licentious; unscrupulous, dishonest, crooked, obliqui-tous, fraudulent, tricky; untrustworthy, disloyal, false, faithless, perfidious, treasonous, traitorous; treacherous, dangerous, insidious, deceitful, Machiavellian.
2. wicked, evil, sinister, dark, Archaic. facinorous, sinful, peccant, iniquitous; nefarious, malicious, vicious, spiteful, malevolent, black-hearted, evil-minded; diabolic, diabolical, satanic, demoniac, demoniacal, Mephistophelian; fiendish, hellish, infernal, Stygian.
3. villainous, criminal, flagitious, heinous, hateful, odious; cruel, brutal, brutish, inhuman, bestial, beastly; atrocious, terrible, awful, Inf. god-awful, horrible, horrendous, horrid, gruesome, grisly, hideous, grim; abominable, detestable, accursed, despicable, execrable, contemptible; vile, sordid, foul, base, low; dirty, filthy, scurvy, rotten, nasty, disgusting, undesirable; reprehensible, disgraceful, shameful, scandalous, opprobrious, disreputable, dishonorable.
4. defective, faulty, imperfect; below standard, under or below par, inferior, second-class, second-rate; unsatisfactory, inadequate, unacceptable, poor, weak, lacking, deficient; shoddy, cheap, no-good, miserable, wretched, Inf. lousy; useless, inutile, of no use, worthless, valueless; unsuitable, inappropriate, unapt; ineffectual, inefficient, inefficacious; inept, incapable, unable, incompetent, unqualified, unfit.
5. inaccurate, incorrect, inexact, imprecise, off the mark, off the beam, wrong, mistaken; false, erroneous, untrue, not true, invalid, not valid; faulty, unsound, fallacious, illogical, irrational, groundless, ungrounded, unfounded; unreliable, undependable, questionable, doubtful, dubitable, uncertain, unsure, unlikely.
6. injurious, harmful, noxious, unwholesome, unhealthy; hurtful, detrimental, deleterious, damaging, nocuous; destructive, ruinous, baneful, pernicious, baleful, malign; poisonous, venomous, deadly, fatal.
7. sick, ill, indisposed. Inf. under the weather, not well, unwell, ailing; sickish, nauseated, Inf. nauseous, queasy, qualmish, sick to one's stomach; unhealthy, in poor health, poor, poorly, Inf. lousy, miserable, wretched; sickly, weakly, invalid, valetudinarian, diseased, unsound, infirm; weak, feeble, faint, pale, white, pallid, wan, languid; failing, suffering, in pain.
8. tainted, spoiled, rotten, inedible, uneatable; rotted, decayed, carious, putrified, festered, putrefacient, putrescent, decomposed; infected, diseased, septic, blighted, (of plants) cankered; moldy, mildewed, mildewy, Rare. mucid, flyblown, maggoty; contaminated, impure, polluted, corrupted, defiled, vitiated; poisoned, envenomed.
9. unfavorable, unfortunate, untoward, unpromising, adverse, ill; unlucky, inauspicious, unpropitious, ill-fated, ill-starred, ill-boding, ill-omened; threatening, menacing, minatory, ominous, sinister, portentous; serious, dire, severe, terrible, horrible, dreadful, awful; fearful, frightful, appalling, ghastly, frightening, alarming, Inf. scary; dangerous, disastrous, devastating, calamitous, catastrophic, ruinous, desolating, ravaging; destructive, damaging, injurious, harmful, hurtful, detrimental, disadvantageous; unhappy, distressful, tragic, crushing, fatal, deadly; hopeless, incurable, immedicable, irremediable, irreparable, irrecoverable, irretrievable, irreversible, irrevocable.
10. discomforting, inconvenient, uneasy, hard, difficult, trying, rough, painful; disagreeable, unpleasant, distasteful, unpalatable, unsavory, sour, unappetizing, uninviting; unsatisfactory, disappointing, displeasing, offensive, objectionable, obnoxious; annoying, irritating, provoking, aggravating, irksome, vexatious, troubling, troublesome, bothersome; exasperating, infuriating, distressing, disturbing, upsetting, harrowing; disquieting, unsettling, unnerving, disconcerting; miserable, wretched, dreadful, awful, I nf. god-awful; disgusting, sickening, nauseating, revolting, repulsive, loathsome, repellent, odious, repugnant, abhorrent; unbearable, unendurable, intolerable, insufferable.
11. irascible, touchy, testy, peppery, short-tempered, fiery, volatile, choleric; irritable, impatient, fretful, petulant, snappish, peevish; cross, surly, ill-natured, bad-tempered; sullen, sulky, moody, sour; crabbed, grouchy, grumpy, churlish, cantankerous, cranky, crotchety; curmudgeonly, nasty, mean.
12. severe, grave, critical, serious, grievous, dangerous; acute, sharp, keen, penetrating, shooting, piercing, stabbing, cutting; biting, caustic, stinging, smarting, scathing, searing; strong, harsh, excruciating, horrible; consuming, enveloping, gripping, convulsive, spasmodic, gnawing, nagging; afflicting, punishing, tormenting, torturing, cruel; agonizing, racking, grating, grinding.
13. regretful, sorry, contrite, penitent, apologetic; sorrowful, rueful, mournful, doleful; dejected, down, downhearted, downcast; disconsolate, despondent, melancholy, sad; depressed, distressed, upset, disturbed, unhappy.
14. mischievous, naughty, disobedient, misbehaving, Inf. full of the devil; scampish, roguish, knavish, rascally, scoundrelly.
15. tragic, heartbreaking, anguishing, heart-rending; depressing, gloomy, dismal, discouraging, disheartening, disappointing; unfortunate, regrettable, lamentable, pathetic; somber, solemn, grave, heavy, oppressive; woeful, wretched, miserable, unhappy, distressful; painful, difficult, hard, trying, troubling.
16. inclement, severe, harsh, stormy, rainy, snowy, icy, foggy.
17. disagreeable, unpleasant, distasteful, unpalatable, unsavory, unappetizing; offensive, objectionable, noisome, disgusting; sickening, nauseating, nauseous, nasty, obnoxious; malodorous, mephitic, rank, foul, rancid, sour; rotten, spoiled, turned, putrid, putrefied, fetid, stinking, reeking; fusty, musty, moldy, Rare. mucid.
18. coarse, crude, rough, rude; filthy, foul, vile, nasty, gross, indelicate, fulsome; vulgar, obscene, indecent, pornographic, lewd, dirty; profane, irreverent, blasphemous; improper, not proper, ungrammatical, unconventional, unseemly, inappropriate, unacceptable.
19. unattractive, unshapely, unproportioned, uncomely, unlovely, homely, plain, undesirable; displeasing, unpleasant, ugly, unsightly.
20. counterfeit, not genuine, unauthentic, not real, spurious; false, sham, U.S. bogus, fraudulent; imitation, mock, fake, Inf. phony; forged, fabricated, simulated, unreal; pretended, feigned, fictitious, untrue; falsified, tampered with, misstated, misrepresented.
21.Slang. excellent, first-rate, first-class, capital, Inf. tiptop, Inf.A-l. See excellent .
22.Informal. badly, very much, a lot, in the worst way.

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